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MECMESIN Innovates with New Touchscreen Force and Torque Solutions


Ground-breaking digital force and torque gauges combining intuitive touchscreen control with sophisticated measurement features – powered by Vector OS.

touchscreen force gauge
VFG - touchscreen digital force gauge
touchscreen force and torque gauge
VFTI - touchscreen force and torque indicator
torque tester
VTG Tornado - touchscreen digital torque tester

A versatile handheld touchscreen instrument built for tough environments that delivers accuracy and reliability. Compatible with our range of external plug-and-play ‘Smart Sensors’ (using a Smart Adaptor) for a wide range of tension, compression and torsion testing. Connects to our manual and motorised test stands for greater control of test conditions such as speed and force.

A versatile, IP54-rated, portable touchscreen instrument, designed to test the applied and release torque of a diverse range of products. Easy-to-use digital torque tester, with real-time graph plotting to identify when the bridges of tamper-evident caps are broken. Hits new heights as a simple, accurate and cost-effective solution for a variety of torque applications.