Bihis-Maala Basics


Bihis-Maala Basics performs calibration/validation services for different types of equipment

  • Temperature – Incubators, overns, sterilizers, etc
  • Mass – Weighing scale, Analytical balances, etc
  • Volumetric flow – Gas samplers, etc
  • Sound level – sound level meters
  • Rotational speed –Centrifuge, etc
  • Calibration via certified reference materials :
    • Elemental Analyzers
    • Thermogravimetric Analyzers
    • UV-VIS


Sold instrument are installed and commissioned by Bihis-Maala Basics service engineers trained from the factory of the manufacturer. To ensure a long life for the equipment and minimize down time, Bihis-Maala Basics offer preventive maintenance contracts to maintain the performance of each unit.


In the quality control laboratory, analysts sometimes encounter a problem with their analysis which they cannot pinpoint the cause. Sometimes, the cause of the problem is either of the following: The gas (carrier gas, inert gas or oxidizer gas) being used by the equipment is of low quality and contains a lot of impurities which affects the analysis or causes side reactions, or the gas line installed is of low quality which constantly encounters leaks and corrosion. The solution to these is investing on high quality, high purity stainless steel gas lines. There is also an option to add safety   brackets, incoming gas purifiers, changeover systems and more. This ensures the safety of your analysis and equipment being used from harmful impurities/noise. Bihis-Maala Basics has the experience and expertise in this area, and has multiple installations in different laboratories in the Philippines.

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