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Mecmesin‘s wide range of UTMs are versatile enough to perform most compression and tension tests required by most industries.  With a variety of grips and fixtures available, Mecmesin’s UTMs provide users with the flexibility of doing more tests and samples for less.

Product Description

Materials Tester
Materials Tester
Force Testers
Force Tester


The MultiTest and Omnitest range of UTMs are versatile tensile and compression testers controlled by either software running on a PC, touchscreen console, or through the machine itself.
The single or dual column ranges fit neatly on your bench-top and is ideal for product testing applications according to your own test methods.
A wide range of tensile grips, bend jigs and compression fixtures make the MultiTest UTMs easy to use for measuring tension and compression, from as little as .5 N right up to 50 kN.

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