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BM BASICS’ product offering is composed of only the best-in-class or best-in-market products from market-leading manufacturers across the globe. Our products come with the guarantee of full local and international support where needed. BM BASICS commits to do its utmost best to make service support, spare parts, and consumables for all units purchased from us available on a timely manner.

Our Product Offerings

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Mecmesin’s Texture Analyzers allow users to simulate any interaction with food, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products and measure the physical sensory experience.  Control production, ensure quality and optimise processing.

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We offer a comprehensive range of texture testing equipment for texture analysis of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. From powerful, flexible and portable texture measurement systems to customized solutions, as well as rugged and easy to use texture presses and tenderometers.  We provide a wide selection of fixtures and accessories to ensure reliable testing, whatever method you use to measure the texture of your products. Our in-house engineers can also develop and manufacture customized fixtures and bespoke solutions.

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Our Offerings

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