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While a highly restricted chemical, Magnesium Perchlorate (Anhydrone) is one of the best desiccants used to remove moisture from gas samples.  LECO’s Anhydrone (Magnesium Perchlorate) provides the best and most cost effective solution for moisture removal.

HAZARDOUS ITEM!  PNP permit required to purchase and use.

Product Description

Magnesium Perchlorate (Anhydrone)

Supplier: LECO

Country of Origin: USA

Purpose: Desiccant, Drying agent for removal of moisture from gas samples.

Anhydrone (Magnesium Perchlorate) is a highly restricted item for sale in the Philippines.  In gas analysis, it is used for moisture removal from gas samples.  Do you own a LECO product that does gas analysis?  This product is a must have for ultimate performance.

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HAZARDOUS ITEM – Requires PNP Permit in order to purchase and use.

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